Book signing, Meet & Greet, Talk, and Crystal Q&A

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Enjoy and evening with Britain’s leading crystal expert Philip Permutt. Dive into the mystical world of crystals as he signs copies of his extensive range of books including his latest book, Crystal Connections. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of crystals with Philip Permutt, known for his profound work in crystal healing. He will also be talking about some of his crystal experiences and answering any and all questions you have about crystals and crystal healing. Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this event is a gateway to the world of crystals, spiritual growth, and healing.

All the crystals you need for any and all the workshops are provided to work with in the classes and will be available for purchase seperately

Crystal Connections Workshop 

This amazing brand new workshop links in with Philip’s latest book Crystal Connections and helps you to start to learn the language of crystals “crystal speak” and to truly connect with crystals, their energy, and their healing. Discover crystals as living beings and how they not only help to heal us but also affect how we feel and influence our responses to the wider world. They can support us when we feel down or need a helping hand, or boost our natural abilities when things are going well. Crystals improve the quality of our lives.

We will be working through several very varied practical exercises connecting crystals to your inner self, so everyone will feel a connection to their crystals during the event. Learn how to recognize and connect with the energy of your crystals, and work with them in new and wondrous ways.

“Quite amazing really. I’m surprised how meaning comes to the crystals, the colour, shape, energy – I don’t know, I’m stunned! I’m just Stunned!” Christina (Hemel Hempstead).

Crystal Communication & Divination Workshop

Experience the language of the Stone People. Learn how to listen to their messages and understand crystal talk. Plus Personal Crystal Pendulum Instruction for anyone who needs it. Your own starter 12 crystal Crystal Divination Set and crystal pendulum are included in the cost.
“Quite amazing really. I’m surprised how meaning comes to the crystals, the colour, shape, energy – I don’t know, I’m stunned! I’m just Stunned!” Christina (Hemel Hempstead).

Working with crystals and exploring the language of the Stone People. Learn to listen to and talk to crystals and interpret them for crystal readings, divination and healing. Learn to do your own crystal readings! You will be amazed how easy it is with a little guidance from Crystal author, teacher and healer Philip Permutt.

Crystals, meditation, and music – a sound bath like no other!

Shamanic drumming with vibrations to move your soul. Lots of fun discovering your rhythm and singing from your heart and soul! Singing bowls and more! Beautiful meditations to go deep into your unconscious mind as you find clarity, peace and total calm and serenity and finally the magic of crystals to blend their energy and vibrations with the empowering sounds and vibes of music and mediation.

Lemurian Crystal Workshop with Philip Permutt

Connect with these Lemurian Crystal Ancestors of Healing and Wisdom – Discover wonderful crystals and learn about their ancient past and the civilisations that seeded them. Learn how to tune in to these amazing Lemurian crystals and open your inner-self to the possibilities these crystals can bring. Amazing Self-healing and healing others. According to legend, the Lemurian civilization, which pre-dates Atlantis by 100,000 years, was about to end in catastrophe. Priests had foreseen this and programmed quartz crystals with the knowledge of their society, sealing them in caves so they would be protected until the time was “right” for them to be discovered. In recent years Lemurian quartz crystals have been rediscovered in Brazil, Columbia and Russia.

Lemurian Quartz is regarded as the most powerful of the healing quartz crystals, and allows connection to the ancient masters, and lost civilisations of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. The Laser Quartz crystal formation is said to be the one able to focus most energy enhancing any type of healing.

The people of the ancient Lemurian civilization developed powerful techniques to seed special crystals with knowledge and wisdom for future generations to discover. This produced powerful crystals in small deposits around their known world.

You will meet a selection of Lemurian crytsals depending on availability at each venue. These may include Columbian Lemurian Blades of Light crystals and Blue mist Lemurian crystals, Brazilian Lemurian crystals, golden Lemurian crystals and pink Lemurian crystals. Meet some of Philip’s personal stunning and powerful collection of Lemurian crystals. You’ll also learn amazing ancient and modern techniques to help you tap into these crystals’ inner wisdom and add extra power to any type of healing, whether yourself for self-healing or working with clients.

A Journey of Rainbow Healing

Discover your chakras as you’ve never seen them before! A Rainbow Journey of self discovery and healing through your energy system. An amazing trip through your energy centres! Find out why you react in certain ways, uncover your energy weaknesses and release powerful strengths that you can use to maximise your natural talents and abilities. Working with crystals to energise and activate your energy hot spots, your chakras – you will unearth a whole new re-energised you! Working with crystals and colour vibrations to focus and enhance your personal understanding of the Chakra System and your own healing. We’ll investigate the health of each of your chakras and discover how to balance each chakra for a healthy life. Understand the science behind the chakras and how the the chakra system is a perfect example of some of the principles of quantum physics.

Cleansing, Protecting, and Letting Go with Crystals

Another of Philip’s NEW workshops Learn why it is so important to cleanse and protect yourself, and NOT just when you’re working with crystals and other spiritual tools or treating clients, but each and everyday as we exchange energy with everything around us and pick up other’s good and bad feelings! How these unwanted energies affect us and how to deal with them in a crystal way and let go of all the negative energetic impacts that have affected our lives, from birth to today.

Connecting with The Ancestors

“It feels like the spirits from an ancient time fill the room and dance with joy” – Clare, London – UK

Connecting with the Ancestors with Crystals with Philip Permutt

“I feel peaceful, it’s like going back to the source and getting something I can’t explain” – Sue, Watford – UK

Our Ancestors are behind us in everything we do. Family, guides, spirits, the Earth, and our Crystal Ancestors – some of the oldest living beings on the planet. Learn how to connect and tap in to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they hold. Recall your past, maybe past lives, and experience deep healing of past wounds whether in this life or previous lives. You will be working with crystals to help you identify and break repeated pattens that are holding you back so you can step into your own unique and wonderful power.

“Not as scary as I thought it was just lovely experiencing everything” – Iren, Borehamwood – UK

“I had a great time I’ve always known, but never really seen, experiencing something was very different to anything I do in my daily life” – Gizem, St Albans -UK

“I definitely want to do this again” – Claire, Royston – UK

Crystal Skulls

The mystery and intrigue of crystal skulls have had people captivated for a long time, from stories of legends to documentaries and Hollywood films. Join Philip for his Crystal Skulls Workshop where he will share with you the legend of the 13 skulls, how to connect and work with crystal skulls through meditation and life for healing, wisdom and personal transformation.

Philip will also create a 13 crystal skull transformative grid to help you find your own answers to whatever is happening for you in your life.