Promotor: Michal
Venue: Michal & Co
1102 N Anita
Tucson Arizona 85705
818 765 3755
520 534 4320

Michal & Co. is a direct importer and wholesale company with design and manufacturing facilities that incorporate the use of natural crystals, gems, geode rocks, minerals, and fossils Nature’s Art™ into geode décor accents for your home, corporate or landscape environments as Nature’s Art Décor.™

Additionally, we offer consultations to our clients on the Energy Positioning Blueprint™, which is our exclusive prosperity crystal grid approach to creating more productive workspaces, home, and business environments that boost personal health, well-being, love, positive energy, emotional energy, prosperity and more.

Our consulting program will educate and infuse emotional energy in homes and commercial establishments. We specialize in functional geode decor art pieces that spectacularly accent key spaces creating opulence, & life in abundance.

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Promotor: Tammy Wood
Venue: Vegas Crystal Healings
10740 S Eastern Ave
Ste 105
Henderson, NV 89052

Las Vegas’ hidden gem is located 10 min from the Strip. Vegas Crystal Healings & More offers a power packed variety of polished stones, spheres, towers, palmstones and more as well as natural, raw stones in their natural beauty. Herbs, teas and metaphysical items as well as a full line of oils and bath products all hand crafted from recipes dating back over 20 generations.

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Promotor: Bri
Venue contact: Labyrinth Walking
Venue: 1212 US-17 BUS
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
843 868 1431

When Brighid and Charlotte originally named The Labyrinth, it was because of our family’s love of the movie, but also because a labyrinth was used for walking meditations and spiritual connections. As this was no longer a dream in its infancy, it was time for the name itself to undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, and become Labyrinth Walking. Brighid chose Labyrinth Walking to pay tribute to her family’s history, and the dream that had survived all those years, but also because this was the progression of that dream, it was still actively growing. To walk a labyrinth is to connect with your higher self, your spirit guides, and whichever deity you choose to work; it’s about finding connection with the world around you, being present in the moment, and finding a sense of spiritual and personal growth.

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Promotor: Miranda Powell

Venue: The Dragon’s Den & Treasures
1002 Caroline St,
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Welcome to The Dragon’s Den & Treasures! We offer an assortment of goods, spanning from metaphysical tools to colonial knick-knacks situated in historic Fredericksburg! Naturally, we couldn’t forget the abundance of dragon merch we house in this fantastical shop! We have sections for mermaids, colonial historians, and a copious amount of crystals to choose from. Whether it’s a small gem to tuck away in your pocket, fashion on your wrist, or a hefty piece for an impressive display in your home: The Dragon’s Den & Treasures most certainly has it! Dragons store all sorts of goodies in their dwellings; come take a little peek. Our incense is sure to craft an inviting space for your Zen needs and our selection of oracle decks can be the first steps towards guidance on your spiritual journey.

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