All the crystals you need for any and all the workshops are provided to work with in the classes and will be available for purchase seperately

Crystal Retreat only at Lemuria, Maui, HI with Philip Permutt and Lydee Ritchie

Crystal Healing Course with Philip Permutt NOW IN ITS 30TH YEAR!

This is a completely practical experience! Over the 4 days of the retreat you will give and receive 13 crystal healing treatments and will be thoroughly immersed in crystal energy and confident in its application for yourself and treating others.

August 25th – 28th Crystal Retreat at Lumeria $775 (excludes accommodation, food, transport) Discount for Philip Permutt and HM qualified therapists $675
Friday Morning 10am Welcome and Opening Ceremony
Friday Morning and afternoon 10.30am – 5pm Crystal Healing Level 1 Day 1
Friday Evening 7.30pm Yoga Meditation Relaxation (optional included)
Saturday Morning 9.30am Yoga (optional included)
Saturday Morning and afternoon 10am – 5pm Crystal Healing Level 1 Day 2
Saturday Evening 7.30pm Crystal Singing Bowl healing, Sound Bath, Concert (optional included)
Sunday Morning 9.30am Yoga (optional included)
Sunday Morning and Afternoon 10am – 5pm Crystal Healing Level 2 Day 1
Sunday Evening 7.30pm Meditation (optional included)
Monday Morning 9.30am Yoga (optional included)
Monday Morning and Afternoon 10am – 4pm Crystal Healing Level 2 Day 2
Late Monday Afternoon 4.30pm Crystal Healing Practitioners Certification and Closing Ceremony

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Crystal Healing Course Level 1 (Friday and Saturday)

“Very powerful… Amazing!… I feel different from when I came – some things have changed for me and the unlimited possibilities of crystals” (Hazel, Northampton, UK)

In the four-day training, Philip Permutt will be teaching crystal healing from the basics to a professional level of competence. This includes: the science and metaphysical properties of crystals, how they work, how to engage with them for self-healing and healing others, how to align the stones on the body to bring forth and balance good health, emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically, and much more.

“I’ve had experiences with crystals before, but this is on a whole different level” (Katy, London, UK)

“Oh wow! That was brilliant! This is what I want to do!” (Chris, Chessington, UK)

“I could feel the energy flow in my body” (Lyndsey, London, UK)

“It felt really awesome!” (Clive, Bedford, UK)

“It’s Awesome! It has spurred my passion (for crystals) even more like a fire in a fury!” (Steph, London, UK)

Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy to work with for self-healing, self-development and treating clients. This course involves personal, paired and group practical work with crystals, how crystals work, what crystals do and how to work with crystals. Philip’s Crystal Course now in its 30th year! The Crystal Course is certified.

“What did I like? You shared so many tips, expertise, stones, a wealth of experience” (Kate, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

“I’ve been using crystals in my therapy for ages, but now I view them totally differently” (Kirsty, Deal, UK)

Crystal Healing Course Level 2: Professional Practitioners Course

“Absolutely amazing when I did the full treatment! Amazing! So powerful! Amazing!” (Sue, St Albans, UK)

“Immensely important weekend… now it feels real and everything’s becoming clearer. My spiritual base has got so much stronger.” (Max, London, UK)

Designed for people who have completed Crystal Healing Level 1 and wish to become Competent Crystal Healers or add Crystal Healing to other therapies they already practice. The course brings new healing techniques and prepares you for treating clients confidently.

“I can really feel the energies of the crystals” (Louisa, Genoa, Italy)

“Awesome!” (Linzi, St Albans, UK)

Full Syllabus for Crystal Healing Course Level 1 (2 days) and Crystal Healing Level 2: Practitioners Course (2 days)

Introduction to crystals, what they are, how they are formed, identifying crystals (on-going throughout)

Sources of information, recommended reading, intuition, pendulum dowsing, Crystal energy experience, energy, transmuting energy

How crystals work, crystals in technology, crystals in healing

Cleansing crystals, Protection, Grounding

What is healing?

Crystal healing: physical pain

How to work with crystals part 1, Pendulum dowsing, selecting crystals, intuition, reference books

The Energy System, chakras, what, where, why, which and how, major chakras, minor chakras, meridians (nadis), balance

How to work with crystals part 2, Crystal chakra sets, self-healing, healing others

How to work with crystals part 3, Laying on of stones, 17-point treatment plan from greeting a client to closing the treatment.

Introducing what you may need consider when working as a Crystal Therapist

Cleansing, why, different methods for cleansing crystals, crystals for cleansing the body

Heart centre, physical, emotional, spiritual, and crystals

Stress, the fight and flight response and relaxation response

Programming crystals, why, how

Crystal balls, history, crystal skulls, scrying, meditation, space clearing, distant healing, earth healing, and “dumping” energy

Q & A

Attendance and practical application in class qualifies for certificate.

“Having completed Crystal Healing Level One with Philip… I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with crystals. As a therapist this has given me the knowledge and practical application to add this valuable modality to my practice.” Suzanne (Harmony, Hitchin, UK)

Crystal Healing Course Level 2 Syllabus (2 days)

Advanced crystal healing techniques and on body crystal grids

Professional approaches to healing, things to consider before you see a client, from your healing room to finding clients.

Recommended reading

On-going support

Recap as required of Crystal Healing Level 1

Q & A

Attendance and practical application of techniques in classes qualifies for practitioner’s certificate.

“Amazing! It’s been amazing! Amazing! The effects (of the advanced crystal layouts) are just amazing!” (Sharon, London, UK)

“I’ve had an incredible time learning loads and feeling loads. I feel so different now, I’ve shifted so much (over the course). I got what I wanted from the course and so much more.” (Tess, Hatfield, UK)